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Please feel free to contact us if you can not find the answer here

Can You Ship To My Country?
Yes,of course we can.We ship to all the countries in the world.

When Can I receive my order?
Total delivery time= order processing time + shipping time
Our standard shipping time is 5-7 working days and of course,if you need your order urgently,please choose a faster shipping method.
Can I order without using Bonhoo.com?
We prefer our customers to order through our website. You can place orders directly for the products you like.
However, if you want to order in other ways, or have questions about ordering, please contact our customer service representatives by service@bonhoo.com

Payment methods

Credit Card

Western Union

Wire Transfer

Of course,if you want to pay for your order via other methods,please contact us at service@bonboo.com

Why My Credit Card Payment Failed?

Please make sure that card information you put are correct and have a try to pay for your order again.If it still does not work,please contact you bank.

Of course,if it fails again,we suggest that you place a new order and pay for it via paypal(it allows you to pay for your order via card too).

I Want Only One Order And How Can I Cancel The Other One Not Paid?

All unpaid orders will be deleted automatically and so you not have to do anything.

Do I Have To Pay VAT/Sale Tax?
We do not add any additional charges or taxes in China.
VAT has been applied on the item which covered by our supplier, customer may not involve in such fee.

Can I Do Business With you?
Of courese,you can!Please contact us at info@bonhoo.com for details.

Cash On Delivery?
No, sorry, Please pay for your order in full, in advance,by Paypal.

How Does Paypal Work?
Using Paypal you have several choices:
- send money from existing credit on your Paypal account (if any);
- send money from a credit card: the amount is drawn from your credit card and sent directly to the recipient's         Paypal account;
- send money from a debit card/ bank account: the amount is sent directly to the recipient's Paypal account.